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Similar to academic departments, IC also provides support to industry and the community as a means to stay abreast of the latest development and contribute to the society. If deemed appropriate, IC will transfer industrial projects to student learning activities. By doing so, students will be given a valuable opportunity to work with a real client, real case or problem and with plentiful supply of resource provided by the client. These projects will be supervised by IC technical experts. According to the need and request of the client company, students will be asked to study, propose and design a solution, product, process and/or system to the client. Upon acceptance of their proposal and design, students will be given a few weeks to manufacture, fabricate and assemble the product and/or system. Students have to plan and manage their own working schedule and budget according to the stated requirements and limitations. Regular meetings with the client may be required to collect interim feedback and comment. Final presentation and demonstration to the client will be given by the students. Advice from IC technical experts will be given only when deemed necessary to allow rooms for students to nurture and excel their creativity and innovation. Yet our technical experts will keep an eye on the safety and quality of the deliverables and ensure the deliverables meet the requirements of the client. This is a win-win-win situation. The final outcomes produced by students often offer our technical experts and the client company a big surprise. Simple, innovative but effective ideas and solutions can be generated by the students and successfully incorporated into client’s existing product, system or production line. By providing mainly the raw material cost, the client company can obtain an innovative and effective solution. In return, our students are also rewarded a valuable opportunity to work out a solution for the real production or manufacturing of the client company. This type of project work and experience is not easily obtained by students even in internship or placement.

Examples of previous successful, inspirational projects include:

  • Automatic Tray Unloading System
  • Campus Improvement Project for local schools
  • Automatic Tray Stacking System

If your company is interested in providing valuable learning opportunity for our students and getting some innovative and effective solutions for your manufacturing or production in return, please discuss with us:

IC Executive Officer (General Admin)

Work-integrated Education (WIE)

IC has been offering Work-integrated Education (WIE) opportunities to students with the support from its industrial partners. If your company or organization is interested in support our engineering education through the provision of WIE opportunity, please contact us:

IC Executive Officer (General Admin)

Service Learning

Service Learning is a new learning activities in PolyU and is compulsory for all PolyU students. IC has been providing hands-on engineering support to Service Learning subjects related to technology or STEM since 2014/15.

Interested in joining hands with IC in providing Service Learning opportunities for our students?

More information on our support to Service Learning.

IC Service Learning & Lab Support Team