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You can make scholarship support for students who have demonstrated exceptional merit and performance in their study and academic activities. Other forms of financial support such as loans and grants can also be considered.

Current offering Scholarship:

Rexroth Bosch Scholarship

Two scholarships named under Rexroth Bosch (each worth RMB10,000) are offered by IC each year (for three consecutive academic years starting from 2012/13) to its students who have demonstrated outstanding performance in undertaking manufacturing hands-on projects in relation to hydraulics, mechanics, system control and industrial automation offered by IC in the previous years.

Technical College MACSPA & Peake Scholarship

One scholarship named under Technical College MACSPA & Peake (worth HK$1,000) is offered by IC each year to the student who produces the best logbook or project report in that year.

Donate scholarship or financial support now:

Please direct me to the Centre STARS and donate scholarship or financial support to students.


I support IC’s mission and “Learning by Doing” philosophy. I want to understand more on how to donate scholarship or financial support to promote IC’s hands-on learning activities in particular.

Please contact:

IC Executive Officer (General Admin)