Learning & Teaching

Policy & QA

Although the majority of learning activities offered by IC are quite different from lecture and tutorial, they are planned, designed and delivered in meeting the departmental and programme learning outcomes as well as the University strategic objectives and goals.

Different tools are adopted by IC to ensure the quality of its learning activities. IC has various internal academic committees to regularly monitor and review the syllabi, assessment, delivery and quality of its learning activities, including Training Committee, Learning & Teaching Committee and Teaching Quality Assurance Committee. Feedback surveys are deployed to obtain student feedback. Staff in charge of learning activities will also regularly participate in programme meetings organized by academic departments to obtain first-hand information and feedback from students and academic staff. Feedback from academic departments and students will be carefully reviewed, analyzed and studied by IC’s Teaching Quality Assurance Committee. Suggestions and policies will be proposed and formulated to further improve the delivery and quality of the Centre’s learning activities.

IC’s QA Policy and ESH Policy also provide guidelines and mechanisms to ensure the quality and safety of all learning activities whether they are conducted inside or outside the University campus.

IC is determined to enhance its teaching and learning quality. From time to time IC initiates and proposes learning and teaching enhancing projects to the University. These projects focus on different areas and are expected to further enhance and improve the syllabi, materials and pedagogy of IC’s learning activities.