Knowledge Transfer

Lifelong Learning

Short courses

Numerous short courses were offered by IC via PolyU's School of Professional Education and Executive Development (SPEED). Some of them are credit bearing under SPEED's Credit Accumulation Mechanism (CAM) and/or reimbursable under Government's Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

IC has been providing safety course and programme for industry since its inception in 1976 and is still an active course provider for safety and related industry. IC regularly offers the following safety courses for industry practitioners via SPEED:

Advanced Study in Occupational Safety and Health leading to Grad IOSH
Occupational Safety and Health for Safety Officer Training (OSH) leading to RSO
Occupational Safety and Health for Safety Officer training (in Chinese) leading to RSO
Safety Auditors Training Scheme (SATS) leading to RSA

HKIE Accredited Training

IC is an approved training centre of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) Graduate Scheme A Training and therefore its hands-on learning activities is recognized as part of the HKIE Graduate Scheme A Training. In other words, Graduate Scheme A Trainees can apply for training exemption if they have undertaken hands-on learning at IC.

We also offer training to those Graduate Scheme A trainees who have not met the minimum training requirement as requested by the HKIE. Individual HKIE Scheme A trainee may consider attaching to our hands-on learning activities offered to day-time students. Refer to Training Attachment for more details.

Companies may arrange group training for their HKIE Graduate Scheme A trainees if the group size is viable, subject to our availability. Interested companies may contact our Executive Officer (General Admin) at 2766-7581 for enquiry.

Training for Mainland Higher Education Institutions

IC is one of the local academic institutions to establish links and collaborations with Mainland China institutions since 1980's. In fact over 40 industrial training centres in universities of Mainland China were modelled after IC. Thousands of academic staff and education administrators pay visit to IC each year.

We have close connections with Mainland's higher education institutions and have accumulated many years of experience and exposure in Mainland's industrial engineering education. In response to the increasing need for development of modern industrial engineering education in Mainland China, IC started providing tailor-made programmes for Mainland China institutions years ago with topics focused on education reform, manpower development, teaching team building, collaboration with industry, course development, teaching pedagogy, etc. Institutions from different provinces and cities have been sending their senior officials and teachers to undertake development programmes at IC.

IC offers around 10 to 15 courses to Mainland China higher education institutions from different provinces and cities each year, accommodating more than 1,300 participants. Participants include principals, senior officials, department heads and teachers. The number of programme offered each year is limited to ensure the programme quality.

Contact us for more information on these courses and programmes.

Alvin WONG, Senior Engineer
Tel: (852) 2766-7594
Fax: (852) 3149-8194

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Course

Our accredited, authorized and joint training centres are all supported by and collaborated with the industry. They are all equipped with benchmark facilities, software and equipment which are commonly found and used in the industry. By utilizing the facilities and equipment at our accredited, authorized and joint training centres, technical experts at IC can transfer the knowledge and skill to the industry and community by offering certification/accredited courses, technology/skills upgrading programmes and trade test. 

Contact us for more information on these courses and programmes.

Alvin WONG, Senior Engineer
Tel: (852) 2766-7594
Fax: (852) 3149-8194