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Technical Streams & Research Centre

Technical Streams

IC has six technical streams covering the core and contemporary engineering areas and expertise. Each stream is supported by all grades of engineering staff members and a variety of facilities and equipment.

Additive Manufacturing

Specializes in 3D printing, rapid casting technologies and materials surface finishing. A pioneer in applying 3D printing in medical application.

Building Services, Construction & Safety

Provides L&T activities in areas as the Stream named including WIE for EE and BSE as well as WIL for Civil Engineering. An authorized green card training centre for undergraduate students. Major contributor and coordinator for courses offered to government departments such as Buildings Department, Electrical and Mechanical Services Department and Labour Department etc. The stream is also responsible for coordinating safety, building services and builder works within IC.

Composites & Fabrication

Specializes in fibre composites fabrication, sheet-metal fabrication, welding, and non-destructive inspection. An important supporting partner for ASRC activities. Actively supports researches on pure-electric vehicles and rehabilitation equipment.

Digital Manufacturing

Specializes in machining, CNC, CAM and measurement. Actively supports research and student projects in area of reverse engineering, multi-axis machining and metrology. It is also a major supporting arm to ASRC and Space Tools/Equipment activities of the University.

Electronics & Intelligent Automation

Specializes in electronics and intelligent automation. Informatics is an area to embrace within the stream for future development. A major technical support area for WIE projects and student project competitions activities. It is also an incubation centre for students' entrepreneurship development.

Technical Services

A hub to coordinate with departments and industries for services on realization of concepts in learning and research activities and project/consultation activities. Provides logistics for departmental activities. A main stake-holder for Service-Learning subjects and Freshman seminars.

Research Centre

IC has lately proposed and facilitated the establishment of Hong Kong's first Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) in collaboration with giant aerospace company, Boeing. A team of expertise from aviation industry from all over the world is serving this research centre.

Aviation Services Research Centre

The Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) is an applied research centre established by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in cooperation with Boeing Corporate (Boeing) and other major aviation services companies in Hong Kong. The administrative and technical resources are currently provided by the Industrial Centre (IC) of PolyU. The aim of ASRC is to develop new or improved aviation service technologies applicable to MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) industry. To achieve this, the ASRC has already begun many advanced aviation projects proposed by the ASRC members, and is recruiting new staff to undertake the research.