About IC

Nature and Role

  • Research Support

    • We possess a collection of engineering facilities and equipment together a pool of expertise in different engineering disciplines. Academic staff and students have made the best use of our facilities and expertise to pursue and realize their engineering innovations on R&D projects and scholarly activities. We offer technical help , valuable advice or even networking. For example, we worked with the Hong Kong Branch of National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center (CNERC-Rail) in partnership with the Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU). We also supported research work on robotic welding for Chinese National Engineering Research Centre for Steel Construction (CNERC-Steel).
    • We have established Hong Kong's first Aviation Services Research Centre (ASRC) in collaboration with giant aerospace company, Boeing. Phase one facilities are now in full operation. It works intimately with Boeing and local MROs in implementations of advanced MRO technologies and methodologies. Those implementations will be new to MRO industry and have the potential to drastically improve quality, throughput and efficiency, not only in Hong Kong but throughout the aviation industry.

  • Lab Support and Service Learning Support

    • IC is a “Technical Library” equipped with a complete collection of engineering facilities, equipment and technologies for staff and students on hands-on labs and service learning activities. We support multi-disciplinary departments on laboratory works and integrated student projects. We also provide hands-on learning activities for students to enhance their engineering knowledge and technical capabilities to further pursue their studies or dreams. The “IC experience” plays an important role in engineering education. It’s not simply an interesting experience to students during their studies. It also paves a concrete foundation to our students’ future career. Examples of these learning activities include HKIE accredited engineering hands-on practice, integrated engineering projects, work-integrated manufacturing projects and engineering project competitions. For example, we supported over 40 FENG students and achieved 1st runner-up in 2017 RoboCon Hong Kong University group competition. We also supported over 60 FENG students to participate in China Formula SAE competition during Nov 2017 in Xiangyang, Hubei, and achieved the 2nd place in 13 novices electrical racing team.
    • Around 60 academic programmes offered by local universities and college adopted our hands-on learning and teaching subjects and activities in their programme curriculum, benefitting approximately 3,000 students each year. Majority of these programmes are from engineering / civil engineering. We also supported Hong Kong Community College (HKCC) on Higher Diploma in Aircraft Services Engineering.
    • In addition to academic teaching and hands-on learning activities, we also take our strength and niche to contribute different support to PolyU's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) learning and Service Learning activities. Each year hundreds of students participate in different General University Requirements (GUR) & Cluster Area Requirements (CAR) subjects and Freshman Seminar. Through our activities and technical demonstrations, students learn and explore STEM and its applications in real life and different disciplines. In recent years, we actively support a number of Service Learning activities, providing guidance and supports to hundreds of students on delivery of engineering project of large and small scale as a community service in Hong Kong and China. Examples of Service Learning projects support include campus and IT facilities improvement for schools and charity organizations in Hong Kong and Heyuan, designing STEM learning kits for primary / secondary school students and farming improvement project in Sichuan.

  • Project Support

    • We have 6 technical streams and a research centre specializing in core and contemporary engineering and technological areas such as Additive Manufacturing, Digital Manufacturing, Electronics, Intelligent Automation, Composites, Fabrication, Building Services, Safety, Construction, Design Realization and Aviation MRO. These technologies are well-blended and integrated into various project support activities offered to PolyU engineering departments, land surveying department, civil engineering department as well as other fields, including Textiles & Clothing, Health Technology & Informatics and Design.
    • We have supported and realized projects, including Sampling and Packing System (SSPS) for Chang’e-5 Lunar Probe, Camera Pointing System (CPS) for Chang'e-3 Lunar Probe and Soil Preparation System (SOPSYS) for Phobos-Grunt Mission in collaboration with PolyU ISE, Novel Brain Training Device for Stroke Patient in collaboration with PolyU BME, 3D Printed Surgical Guides in collaboration with local medical schools and hospitals.
    • We also worked with various departments to extend our engineering project support to the industry and the community. Some of the examples include Air Traffic Control Console Improvement Study in collaboration with HKSAR Civil Aviation Department (CAD), Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in collaboration with HKSAR Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Mobile Detrainment Ladder for MTR and Novel Multiple-axis Machining of Turbine Blades in collaboration with Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Limited (HAESL).