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Giving to Us

You can make a difference to the present and future of one of the major cradles of professional excellence.

Your support to the University and IC can help us to provide a scholarly and professional environment that enables students, staff and researchers to make better and long lasting contributions to our community and to reshape our future and nature.

You can make your giving by donation in cash or in kind, sponsorship, scholarship and partnership. You can make your giving to highlight those areas of your top concerns. Alternatively you may simply make your giving to the University for General Support. The University will make the best use of your giving to help advancing its educational mission.

Of course you are most welcome to make your giving to IC. Your support to us will make a difference to the present and future of one of the major cradles of professional engineers. Your support to us will also make a difference to our society by helping us to better nurture tomorrow’s engineers and leaders for the industry.

Facilities & equipment sponsorship/donation/consignment

IC has been trying its best to maintain a wide range of technologies, facilities and equipment to benefit students and staff. These technologies, facilities and equipment will be used in our hands-on learning activities for students as well as in supporting R&D projects. Yet, the primary source of funding from the University and Government is limited and can only help to maintain, upgrade and replace facilities, equipment and software of limited scale and amount. Quite a large number of machineries of over 20 years were still found at IC. Introduction of new technologies and facilities in different fields and areas can only be prioritized and the waiting time can be years to decades.

Fortunately IC has been receiving many undying supports from its partners to sponsor, donate and consign advanced and updated facilities, equipment and software to IC. Some of its partners include Bosch Rexroth, Siemens Limited, Hilti, 3D Systems, Rockwell Automation, Stratasys, Mitsubishi, etc.

Accredited, Authorized & Joint Training Centres

Without the support from the industry, these centres cannot be established.

Renowned companies who wish to contribute to our higher education and manpower development can collaborate with us and establish accredited, authorized and/or joint training centres in their specialized fields and areas. Currently we have 8 accredited, authorized and joint training centres located at IC, serving both our undergraduates, academic staff, teachers, industrial practitioners and the community.

Contact us to explore more on the collaboration or sponsorship possibilities.


You can make scholarship support for students who have demonstrated exceptional merit and performance in their studies and academic activities. Other forms of financial support such as loans and grants can also be considered.

Make a giving now

Please direct me to the Alumni Affairs & Development Office and make a giving to the University.


I want to understand more on how to make giving to the IC.
Please contact:
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