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National University of Singapore, Singapore

Terence Yao


Hong Kong is such a bustling city there is something for everyone! There are mountains for adventurous individuals to go hiking, there are markets for those who like to shop and haggle over prices, and there’s an enormous variety of food choices for those who love to eat. For me, the best part about Hong Kong is never feeling bored as there is always something to do and someplace new to explore.  I chose PolyU as it seemed like a really fun and exciting place. The study culture is more relaxed here than in Singapore - there is a better balance of academic and social life. And the professors here are extremely approachable and happy to answer our questions after class. The best part of being an exchange student so far is that I get to experience hiking up mountains with my friends and trying different cuisines with them. I have made so many new friends here.


Salisbury University, USA

Hannan Carlos Miguel


I found the school to be in a great location in the centre of the city with easy access to wonderful restaurants, shops and the MTR. I thought the city was absolutely beautiful and loved how the school was integrated into its location. Although I found one or two teachers to be somewhat dull at times and not very clear as to what they expected of me, the rest of my teachers were fantastic! I found the facilities amazing and a large step up from my home university, which is much smaller and less developed. I will always remember the culture and lifestyle of Hong Kong, and will carry with me the experiences I had there for years to come. As this was my first time outside of my home country (the United States), I have to say I was impressed by the atmosphere, liveliness and busyness of PolyU and Hong Kong as a whole. The food, culture and style in Hong Kong are also impressive, and I still itch to explore the parts of the city that I unfortunately didn’t get an opportunity to see. I look forward to the next time I can visit Hong Kong and reminisce about the memories I created there, while creating even more!


University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany

Lisa Woznica


When I was given a chance by my home university to come to Hong Kong and to join the PolyU International Summer School, I was overjoyed. It was an incredible experience to travel from afar and experience the mix of Chinese and Western cultures and lifestyles in this place. The most interesting part would be the course itself. I studied "The Evolution of World Cuisine". This course has been very practical as it covered not only the touristic theories, but also gave us the opportunity to cook different countries' dishes. Other thing I appreciate would be able make friends with people from all over the world and being exposed to multiple cultures. It's been an unforgettable experience.


Osnabrück University, Germany

Erik Eimterbaeumer


“As a design student I didn’t need to check for other universities after I saw a picture of the PolyU School of Design,” says Erik. And since his arrival he has been impressed not just by the building itself but also by the on-course teaching, facilities and subjects.

“The professors have been friendly and helpful to me, and they have given a lot of support with my desired courses. They even took me to events that I showed an interest in - not just at the university. The lectures are interesting and I really like the abundant events. The whole design building with all the different programmes and the possibility to use the workshops for everything imaginable is very impressive, and it means we can do great projects.”

“In my time here I’ve been able to visit to various hackathons, founder events, talks and pitches. I also had a chance to visit different makerspaces and was even able to attend the Maker Faire Shenzhen. There is always something going on in the founder and maker community over here, and having Shenzhen being so close is perfect.”


University of Central Florida, USA

Chris Feltner


One of the best parts about my exchange has been the new friends I’ve met from all over the world. We’ve gone hiking, enjoyed Hong Kong’s beautiful beaches, seen historic places, gone shopping at the night markets, and, of course, eaten plenty of dim sum. My international student friends have helped me to learn about what life is like in their home countries (and consequently added their countries to the list of places I’d like to travel). My Hong Kong student friends have helped me to appreciate Hong Kong culture and better understand the way of life here.

Another advantage of studying at PolyU is that Hong Kong’s central location makes it easy and affordable to explore other parts of Asia. I arrived in Hong Kong a month before the start of the semester and was able to take a backpacking trip through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. Since arriving I’ve visited Taiwan, and I have plans to visit Mainland China and Macau. PolyU’s campus and halls are also situated in a central part of Hong Kong and are serviced by several MTR and bus lines, making it quick and easy to get to most places in the city.


North Carolina State University, USA

Nishant Singh


There is something about Hong Kong that has captivated me since I have arrived. Around every corner I can see something that interests me, be it the skyscraper I have to nearly break my neck to see the top of, the mountains in the distance, or even the neon signs in Mong Kok. I came here with the idea that I will have to adapt and do my best to fit in with the locals, but I soon realized this was not the case. While I am surrounded by the rich history of Hong Kong seen everywhere, such as the Walled City or ding dings on Hong Kong island, there is a feeling of always advancing and moving forward. Exploring Hong Kong isn’t about just seeing what was here or what even is here now; it isn’t about trying to conform to the status quo and change yourself, it’s about enjoying what all there is available while also adding in your little piece to the table. Think of it like cultural dim sum.

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