Superpromoters and The Dynamics of Enthusiasm

Harness the power of enthusiasm and mobilise ordinary people for extraordinary organisational success.

This course is based on the books of Mr. Rijn Vogelaar: “The Superpromoter” and “The Enthusiasm Trilogy: Flame, Flow, Flood”. Both books describe the dynamics of enthusiasm in and around organisations. The first book is about Superpromoters who are the personification of the power of enthusiasm. They are people who are enthusiastic about a brand, product or organisation and whose enthusiasm is catching. They influence others with their enthusiasm. Superpromoters make recommendations or are copied by others. The contagious enthusiasm of the Superpromoter is vitally important for businesses, because it provides a stream of new clients and growth in turnover. In addition, Superpromoters are ideal co-creators and they motivate the staff. In the ultimate battle with his alter ego, the anti-promoter, the Superpromoter determines the reputation of companies.

The Superpromoter could be a client, but also a committed employee. Or a member of the public defending a particular piece of government policy. They are the unseen supporters of companies and government institutions who create success behind the scenes.

In this course Mr. Vogelaar explains how you can mobilise Superpromoters to make an organisation more successful. He describes a new vision on marketing, product development and business operations in general which is taken a step further in his second book “The Enthusiasm Trilogy: Flame, Flow, Flood”.

While “The Superpromoter” was primarily a book about marketing, customer experience and co-creation, The Enthusiasm Trilogy covers a broader spectrum of business operations. The role played by enthusiasm in strategy development and innovation (Part 1: Flame), in HR, management and internal communication (Part 2: Flow), and finally in marketing and external communication (Part 3: Flood).


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