The Star Negotiator Workshop©

Increase revenues, reduce costs, make change happen

Every negotiation situation is different. Even if you are negotiating the same issues with the same people, the situation will still differ from the previous negotiation because the market conditions will have changed. Successful negotiators are able to negotiate effectively regardless of the situation.

This two-day workshop will ensure you and your team are properly prepared to go into crucial negotiations such as business deals, labour negotiation, procurement, property, M&A, sales, change management etc. It combines science and art to achieve optimal outcomes. Achieving agreement faster and with less angst by leading your counter-party to say YES, is critical. Pick up and use best practices and tactics that you might have missed up to now with application of a more systematic approach to your negotiations every time.

The Star Negotiator Workshop© is designed to address specific negotiation situations faced by the participants. This will be done using pre-workshop questionnaires or dialogue in the workshop to design case scenarios for use in role-plays. The workshop will use a combination of interactive and experiential training, the two-day workshop provides researched solutions and practical advice to participants. Coaching will be given to ensure effective implementation of best practices into individual and organisations’ situations in the workplace. Case scenarios, pocket cards, texts, workbooks, App, PowerPoint, exercises, games, challenge mapping, teaching and feedback.


Quick Summary

Dates To be confirmed
Time 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$6,000 per person per day (Lunch and refreshment are included)