Mindfulness Based Leadership

Mindfulness is a personal and an orgainsational tool for leaders to better manage themselves, relationships and work

We live in a world characterised by dynamic, far-reaching, and almost chaotic changes. Organisations function in a complex and dynamic environment. This reality creates on-going challenges, stress but, at the same time, many opportunities. In order to lead well, leaders need to better manage themselves, others and the opportunities out there.

Mindfulness is “the ability to be aware of an experience that occurs within and around ourselves, in a non-judgmental way, without being managed by it.” Mindfulness is used as a personal and an organisational tool. Leading organisations like Google, Facebook, General Mills, Apple and more, have already implemented mindfulness programs, which have resulted in increased productivity, innovation and employee retention. Mindfulness has a wide scientific basis drawn from neuroscience, psychology and management research that have been conducted over the last few decades.

The added value of mindfulness is evident in three main situations:
- Routine - enhances productive and effective behaviour
- Stress - decreases stress and burden
- Opportunities and innovation - enables us to identify new opportunities and increases innovation

Mindful leadership enhances emotional control, resilience, and overall well-being and happiness. It helps in leading others more effectively and improves team performance, enjoyment and overall enables a better quality of life sustained over the long run.

Mindfulness Based Leadership provides mindfulness tools in different layers. First, participants will familiarise themselves with the main tool of mindfulness – meditation. During the course, the participants will practise different meditational methods in the context of organisations and leadership. Some of these include reflective writing (journaling), focus meditation and body scan. Finally, participants will practise how to use these tools in our day-to-day work environment. For example, how to mindfully communicate in difficult conversations, which will enable you to solve conflicts more easily and promote better solutions in various situations.


Quick Summary

Date To be confirmed
Time 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$6,000 per person (Lunch and refreshment are included)