Crisis Management and Communication Solutions

Think Ahead, Plan Smart and Communicate Effectively for any Crisis

Part 1: Essential Critical Incident and Crisis Management

Part 1 will discuss the essential elements of crisis management so that participants can better handle any crisis situation or event. Emphasis will be placed on the 3Ps and 3Rs (Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery and Review) of crisis management and consider proven techniques such as effective leadership, training and awareness, capacity and resilience, and multi-agency cooperation.

On completion of Part 1, participants will have a deeper understanding and the necessary tools to better plan, prepare and respond to a crisis to ensure a quick recovery and an early return to normalcy.

Who should attend?

Senior management with strategic responsibility for ensuring that effective crisis management and response measures & capability are in place, and those responsible for implementing the crisis response as well as recovery plan.


Part 2: Essential Crisis and Media Communications

Part 2 will guide participants to the essential elements of crisis and media communications so that they can better manage communication relating to any crisis event, and handle media enquiries effectively. Particular emphasis will be placed on identifying internal (e.g. employees, etc.) and external stakeholders (e.g. media, public, etc.) and effective means of engagement and partnerships before, during and after a crisis.

On completion of Part 2, participants will have a deeper understanding and the necessary tools to better manage the necessary communications skills required during a crisis. They will also have the opportunity to discuss case studies and participate in some experiential role-­play and crisis communication simulation.

Who should attend?

Senior management, executives and nominated spokespersons required to deliver and ensure effective crisis communications during an incident or cisis.


Quick Summary

Date Part 1: 15 January 2019 (Tuesday)
Part 2: 22 January 2019 (Tuesday)
Time 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$6,000 per person per workshop (Lunch and refreshment are included)