Building Executive Presence

An Awareness of Self that Translate into Action

‘Think it, feel it, action it’ – “Executive Presence” is an awareness of self that translates into action. It can be the ‘it factor’, ‘the WOW factor’, ‘the head turner’ – no matter how we describe it, everybody wants it. Executive presence is our own personal ‘brand’ or the impression we make, and in business, our brand is what will come to mind when bosses, colleagues or clients think of us.

Climbing the management tiers takes more than just technical excellence and performance. Performance in managerial roles is becoming increasingly more about interpersonal skills, being organisation and culture savvy and leveraging on the talent available in teams. For businesses that are committed to growth, having these skills in their talent inventory is imperative.

The “Building Executive Presence” programme, a new IAEE High Potential Series, offers a comprehensive programme into understanding people-management challenges and gaining a thorough understanding of the communication, behaviour and performance skills needed to cruise through them.

Through a series of 8 workshops each addressing a single topic, participants will learn and examine practical management and leadership skills at personal and professional level amidst a changing work environment. The workshops will provide introduction, concepts, practical tools and skills, practice/reflection on learning and application at workplace, as well as panel discussions to bring you the latest thinking of experts from PolyU’s extensive business network and world-class faculties.


Quick Summary

Date To be announced
Duration 4 hours
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$4,000 per person per workship (Refreshment is included)