Board Leadership and Governance

Board members of listed companies are required to equip themselves with relevant skills and knowledge to discharge their fiduciary duties. With increasing pressure under today’s regulatory regime, there is a constant need to keep up-to-date with the modern business world in the digital age. To deal with constant changes and increasingly complicated challenges, solid corporate governance is needed for every business to maximise values and minimise risks.

This IAEE Series: Board Leadership and Governance programme goes beyond the basic competencies to cope with corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) requirements. The programme aims to facilitate learning of new Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs), existing directors, board members and senior executives of listed companies through a journey of stretching their skillsets and knowledge to not only protect existing values, under a fast-changing business environment, but be inspired to create new and enhanced values to the company they serve. The programme is an intensive training with 3 practical modules that guide participants in formulating a robust programme that combines legal acumen, sound risk management, vigilant fraud detection and prevention in the context of a digitally-enabled business world. It also places importance in leadership and innovation that are tailored for board members as they are expected to help the company grow the business in a sustainable manner. The aim is to be cognizant of current practices and trends and raise the bar as a professional director and serve on international boards. Participants will also gain insights into building and driving corporate entrepreneurship, while striking a balance between innovation and risk-taking.

The latest amendments, updates and trends relating to Hong Kong Corporate Governance Code will be covered to ensure participants are well briefed on the need to have GRC related considerations in mind when making executive and non-executive decisions in the board room.

This high-impact programme will enrich the experience of the participants by means of interactive discussions, in-depth case studies and experience sharing by speakers who are industry experts. Synergy will be created between participants who are key business leaders and decision-makers to constructively challenge their existing practices and come up with practical strategies that take their businesses to the next level.


Who to Attend:

This programme is tailored for senior executives of listed companies, who are new Independent non-Executive Directors (INEDs), existing directors, board members and C-level executives.
Professionals and leaders of SMEs who are interested in corporate governance, risk management and compliance are welcome to attend.


Quick Summary

Offering Schedule Module 1, 2 and 3 (half day each)
Date to be confirmed
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$3,500 per person per module (Refreshment is included)