Superpromoters and The Dynamics of Enthusiasm
Learning Outcomes

The aim of the course is to understand the dynamics of enthusiasm on a personal, organisational and customer level. Participants will be provided with insights and instruments that will help them use enthusiasm to sharpen their strategy, innovate & co-create, motivate personal and deliver better customer service. The purpose is to mobilise the intrinsic potential for enthusiasm and make organisations more sustainable and successful.

The course will clarify and fan the Flame of enthusiasm; achieve Flow within an organisation; and ultimately spread a Flood of enthusiasm from the inside outwards. In each of these phases, enthusiasm plays a significant role as an indicator, guide and boost. In addition to understanding the superpromoter behaviour of enthusiastic customers we home in on the phases of Flame, Flow and Flood. Participants are in this way provided with a practical toolkit that enables them to exercise more effective influence on enthusiasm of customers and employees.