Strategies for Reducing Conflicts at Work

Ms. MJ Jennings

  • Director, Training and Executive Coaching

Ms. MJ Jennings has built a sound reputation as an entrepreneur, training and executive coach in her own business, based in Hong Kong with offices in Singapore and Europe. She specialises in Communication and is able to apply her business acumen, leadership and facilitation skills, mentoring both teams and individuals at all levels in the art of effective presentation and communication skills. Her approach is to develop communication, behaviour and performance skills for individuals and teams that are reflected in success.

MJ has considerable experience in the executive coaching, working with people at all levels of an organisation. Over the past 10 years, she has delivered training across Asia, promoting equality and diversity in the organisation. MJ was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ in Hong Kong as part of the Women’s Forum in 2006.

MJ has a well-rounded approach to working within any corporate, government or professional scene and knows what is required to motivate people, to get the best from their performance and personality, to drive success for both genders. Through her experience across business globally, she leverages her extensive cultural awareness to help numerous executives from a wide range of leading organisations become more successful.