The Star Negotiator Workshop©

Mr. Peter A. Nixon

  • C.A., FCPA, MSc

Mr. Peter Nixon specialises in negotiation with an emphasis on dialogue and development. He is an international speaker, trainer and adviser to corporate, government and charity leaders around the world.

Peter is the creator of the Star Negotiator Workshop and author of the book on Negotiation by Wiley (publish in September 2005). Star Negotiator workshops are always specifically tailored to client situations which number well over 500 negotiations including internal, project management, sales, procurement, banking, claims, M&A, restructuring, distribution, hostage, government, bi-lateral and multi-lateral negotiations. Peter is one of the leading negotiation consultants in Asia and follows his clients to the UK, North and South Amercia, the Middle East and Africa. Peter reminds his clients “The Solution is in the Dialogue”.

Born and raised in Montreal, Peter was transferred to Geneva prior to moving to Hong Kong in 1989. Following an international audit career with PwC legacy firm Coopers & Lybrand, Peter has spent the last decade helping senior leaders of MNCs, global firms, local, state and national governments, charities and NGO’s achieve optimal outcomes through dialogue and negotiation. Improved outcomes include increased revenue and profit, reduced costs, improved governance, happy work relationships, talent management, service enhancement and strategic effectiveness. His second book, Dialogue Gap, was rated “one of the best business titles published in this century” by SCMP. He is also creator of Negotiation, Mastering Business in Asia, NegotiationCPA© App and Dialogue Playing Cards. His forthcoming book focuses on the cultural hurdles to leadership, business and national development.