Staff Engagement

Morning Session

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • The Changing Market Landscape and Customer Expectations
    - Changing competitive set
    - Being good may no longer be good enough
    - Different expectation from different stakeholders
  • Coping with the Challenges
    - Re-defining leadership
    - Turning challenges into opportunities
    - Internal and external branding
    - Staff members as brand ambassadors
  • How to Build a Resilient Team
    - Factors that contribute to success or failure of leading organisations
    - Strategic implications
  • Q&A of the morning session

Afternoon Session

  • Motivation with Impetus
    - Building an Emotional Bank Account
    - How does motivation impact engagement?
    - The X Y Theory by Douglas McGregor: How does it impact my engagement at organisation and what I can do differently?
  • Communicate to Engage
    - Building Conversations for Clarity
    - Active Listening - The three stages of istening and overcoming ’blocks’ to active listening
    - Giving feedback using the positive "Even Better If" (EBI) message structures
  • My Action Plan
    - How to motivate staff and build an engaged team?
  • Review of Takeaways and Concluding Remarks