Social Style®: Understanding and Managing Behavioural Differences™

Morning Session

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Programme Assumptions
    - The Success Model
    - Observing Differences
  • Dimensions of Behaviour
  • Assertiveness & Responsiveness
  • Exercises: Strengths/ Weaknesses, Famous People, Slogan
  • Key Characteristics of Each Style
  • SOCIAL STYLE Profile - Your Style

Afternoon Session

  • Review SOCIAL STYLE Model™
  • Debrief SOCIAL STYLE Profile Reports
  • Tension Management
  • Versatility and The Four Sources of Versatility
  • SOCIAL STYLE Profile Report - Your Versatility
  • Exercises: Role Play and Expert Panel
  • Rules for Observing Style and Final Q&A
  • Review of Takeaways and Concluding Remarks