Social Style®: Understanding and Managing Behavioural Differences™

Identify Behavioural Strategy and Tools to enhance Workplace Productivity and Happiness

This programme is to be delivered by Mr. Tan Joo Seet based on licensed materials from the US TRACOM Group, who delivers best-in-class Social Intelligence solutions to help companies and individuals achieve business goals.

In a recent study, TRACOM asked respondents to share the top five causes of poor productivity at work:
 • 84% said poor communication within or across work teams.
 • 57% said poor relationships among co-workers.
 • 59% said poor relationship with boss or supervisor.
 • 80% of the same participants surveyed said that SOCIAL STYLE training has helped them have more effective relationships with co-workers.

Social Style®: Understanding and Managing Behavioural Differences™ is TRACOM’s one-day programme that explores our popular and proven models of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility*, emphasising improved interpersonal skills and workplace interactions. Through a series of exercises, videos, and facilitated discussions, participants will discover how to enhance workplace productivity and morale.

Participants will learn to identify each of the four SOCIAL STYLES and the best plans of action to work with and accommodate each. Through exercises, participants will pinpoint areas of tension and understand the reason and style for backup behaviour, which can ultimately lead to toxic relationships if left unchecked. Participants will also be able to describe the Versatility dimension and its sources while identifying the steps to take to increase their Versatility and success at work.

* Versatility is a measure if a person’s Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback, the areas that contribute to a person’s interpersonal skills. Versatility is a significant component of overall success, comparable to intelligence, previous work experience and personality.


Quick Summary

Date To be confirmed
Time 9:00 am - 5:30 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$6,200 per person (Lunch and refreshment are included)