Shopping Mall Management


Shopping is perceived as a favourite pastime of Hong Kong people and many tourists flocked here to shop and enjoy a myriad of lifestyle offerings. The rapid development and strong competition of the retail market and changes in shopping patterns have led to a high demand for talent in shopping mall management. The complexities of the managing shopping mall can be very challenging for those attempting to manage or market an entire shopping mall without relevant training.

This Executive Diploma in Shopping Mall Management is a programme designed to cover the key aspects that shopping mall executives and managers must comprehend so that they can carry out their job professionally and competently.  This programme was initiated by Link Asset Management Limited who remains a strong supporter of this programme.



The programme aims at strengthening participants’ skills and competencies of both professional and applicable tools in shopping mall management, accounting management knowledge and management of individual shopping malls. The programme provides seven subjects covering multidimensional areas and skills. Upon completion of all subjects, participants are expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Possess in-depth professional knowledge in specialist areas within property and shopping mall management and be able to apply their knowledge and contribute to professional leadership.
  • Evaluate the maintenance needs, develop and execute maintenance plan for individual shopping malls.
  • Apply valuation techniques to assit in making property management and investment decisions.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the strategic management of corporate real estate.
  • Apply the management accounting framework in business context.