Secrets of Running a Successful Family Business
Teaching Team

Mr. Conrad So

Mr. Conrad So is Executive Director of New Island Printing. The Hong Kong firm is a world leader in the field of packaging, novelty books and activity pack production, with factories in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Mr. Andy Tung Lieh Cheung

Mr. Andy Tung Lieh Cheung is Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Director of Orient Overseas Container Line, better known as OOCL. It is one of the world's biggest container shipping and logistics companies.

Mr. Nury Vittachi

Famed Writer and Columnist,
Teaching Fellow, School of Design, PolyU

Nury “Mr Jam” Vittachi is one of Asia’s most widely published authors, with book deals globally, including Scholastic and other major publishers. He is Chairman of Asia-Pacific’s biggest association of writers, with syndicated newspaper columns and website reaching more than a million regular readers a month.

He is a very popular speaker at business conferences in Asia and has strong background in academia, business and finance. His specialty is helping organisations and individuals locate their own “personal” stories and deliver them as irresistible narratives.