Secrets of Running a Successful Family Business

Family businesses are the key players that drive the Asian economies. According to research, 85% of the companies in Asia-Pacific are family-owned businesses. There are a host of special issues that apply to these businesses.How do family businesses differ? How can these differences be turned into advantages? Which family businesses have thrived and which have failed?

To tackle the challenges that the modern family business faces, Mr. Nury Vittachi, acclaimed author (Mr. Jam) and lecturer of PolyU’s School of Design, will lead the programme to explore these key issues through inspiring and intriguing stories of renowned family businesses, to ignite discussions, reflections and innovation in the participants to keep their businesses running.

The programme is designed to cover a range of topics, from succession planning, best practices for a family system, strategic decisions about wealth preservation or expansion, relationships between family business members, to a flexible structure that ensures business’ healthy growth. Rarely discussed areas will also be uncovered, for instance, the key skills of advantageously linking traditional Asian family structures with modern international business practices. The all-rounded programme empowers family business to get hands-on with strategising, which is absolutely vital to ensure the future of their businesses.


Quick Summary

Date To be confirmed
Time 9:30 am - 2:00 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$3,000 per person (Refreshment is included)