Presenting Beyond Text and Numbers
Learning Outcomes

This programme aims to sharpen senior executives’ confidence and competence in presentation. By the end of the programme, participants will identify his/her personal style and enrich own presentation profile. The presentations may be video-taped to help participants review their performances. Upon completion of the programme, participants are expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Build self-confidence to present complex business proposals and financial information to top management;
  • Master the principles of public speaking as a key leadership attribute to impact and influence business outcomes;
  • Acquire skills to present business proposals and financial information in a simple and meaningful way for corporate success;
  • Develop effective communication skills to transform crucial financial and business information into value-adding decisions; and
  • Deliver confident presentations in order to accomplish business achievements.

During the workshop, participants will be arranged to present authentic materials extracted from their workplace, and immediately obtain a complete assessment of the individual’s strengths and areas for improvements.