The Power of Dialogue

Mr. Peter A. Nixon

Mr. Peter Nixon specialises in helping organisations and individuals to fulfill their potential by ensuring the right people talk about the right issues, in the right way, and at the right time and place.

Peter is highly experienced in the facilitation, negotiation and implementation of change through dialogue. His international success arises from his belief that “The Solution is in the Dialogue” and his rare combination of financial skills (honed as an auditor for many years with one of the world’s largest accounting firms) and communication skills (honed as a trainer and consultant with people from over 55 countries).

Born and raised in Montreal, Peter was transferred to Geneva prior to moving to Hong Kong in 1989. Following an international audit career with PwC legacy firm Coopers & Lybrand, Peter has spent the last decade helping senior leaders of MNCs, global firms, local, state and national governments, charities and NGOs achieve optimal outcomes through dialogue and negotiation. Improved outcomes include increased revenue and profit, reduced costs, improved governance, happy work relationships, talent management, service enhancement and strategic effectiveness.

His publication "Dialogue Gap" has been rated "one of the best business titles published this century" by the South China Morning Post.