Mindfulness Based Leadership
Learning Outcomes

The objective of the programme is to provide leaders of organisations to better manage yourself and other. By learning to re-center in high-performance situations, you can develop a higher quality of attention, connect more authentically with others, lead more intentionally and produce better results and increased innovation. Upon completion of the programme, participants are expected to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased clarity in decision making
  • Take centered action and improve your results
  • Increase your resilience
  • Promote real and candid conversations
  • Increase your capacity to engage and inspire others
  • Lay the groundwork for innovative and productive action
  • Fulfill your leadership potential and support your organisation’s purpose


Takeaways from those who joined "Mindfulness Workshops"

"A great course! Rich in material and practical tools to strengthen your presence and awareness in your work and life in general"   -- OD Manager, New Farm LTD

 "We got to practice effective tools that every leader needs to have and implement both on the personal and work life. This course is very recommended to managers and leaders in today’s dynamic and changing world. I learned, experienced and greatly enjoyed it!"  -- President of Delivery Amdocs Inc (retired)

"An excellent course that combines research, ideas, and practice from the phycology and management worlds.   -- Vice President of Quality Assurance, Verint Inc

"A highly recommended course for managers who face today’s hectic corporate reality: high stress, challenging goals, changing the environment, competition, etc. The course provides universal tools that enable you to focus and be more peaceful while being effective and striving to achieve your goals. I found the course effective both in my work and personal life."   -- Co-CEO Firma Ltd.