Intellectual Property Management

Five subjects areas to spearhead your career in IP Management 

IP Fundamentals

  • Overview of four fundamental components of IP, which are Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Trade Secrets.
  • It enables participants to differentiate “tangible assets” and “intangible assets” and fundamental knowledge of Original Grant Patent (OGP) and its requirements.
  • Introduction of Business IP (BIP), conception, preparation and practice of BIP.

Legal Framework and IP Practices

  • To provide participants with the basic concepts of the legal framework and practices related to IP.
  • It gives participants an overview of the local and global legal framework and their differences, provides participants with practical uses of patents and other IP.
  • To analyse the current local legal system and to contribute to strategical planning in the legal system enforcement of IP matters, to prepare enforceable and high protection patents.

Innovation and Management of IP

  • To introduce fundamental understanding of the integration of knowledge, innovation management, research and development, technology, business, and IP utilisation.
  • To equip participants with essential knowledge to start or manage a high tech company.

IP Commercialisation and Emerging Technologies

  • To help participants to differentiate the types of academic and corporate IP transactions, and equip them with appropriate skillsets to commercialise IP.
  • To strengthen participants’ capacity for applying IP management on emerging technologies, and give participants concepts on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement and how it relates to trade and technology development.

Corporate IP Strategy

  • To provide participants with comprehensive knowledge on how IP strategies are incorporated in various industries, and how to enforce IP rights against infringement, piracy and counterfeit in different business sectors. Participants are encouraged to identify ways to explore and extract superlative value from an IP.