Innovation Leadership
Students' Quotes

Ms. Roanne Lo

Marketing & Programme Specialist

"As a trained Industrial Designer, I often see the need where business could utilise Design Thinking, while designers could also step up by learning more about doing business. The EMIL course is providing me with hands-on, mind-intriguing and innovative training, so I could continue to help both business executives and designers to better communicate and work together. I would highly recommend EMIL to those who would want a creative boost in facing their challenges everyday."

Mr. Eric Tarchoune

Founder, Managing Director & Executive Coach, Dragonfly Group

"A dynamic ground-breaking transdisciplinary programme on innovation for global executives, leaders and entrepreneurs!"

Ms. Dana Winfield

Director, Starry Ltd.

"EMIL is a mind-opening programme which teaches you how to develop yourself as an effective, innovative leader for the benefit of yourself, your organisation and the society. The experiences we have gained during the courses are personally stimulating and help us develop more confidence in our abilities, to benefit our organisation."

Prof. Cees de Bont

PhD (TU Delft) Dean and Swire Chair Professor of Design, School of Design, PolyU

“We bring together professors from collaborating institutions in different countries. This enables cross-cultural exchanges and participants learn to comprehend different concepts with an international perspective. Globalisation facilitates innovation, entrepreneurship and creates interventions to improve their organisation’s creativity.”

Prof. Yesha Sivan

Ed.D (Harvard), M.A. (Harvard) Acting Programme Director, Visiting Professor of Innovation and Venture, School of Design
Executive Director, The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University

“This programme is designed to impact the eyes, minds and hands of aspiring leaders – ‘eyes’ for recognising different kinds for innovation, ‘mind’ for understanding the relevance of such innovations for the organisation, and most critically, ‘hands’ in the sense of driving concrete actions that lead to long lasting meaning.”