Innovation Leadership

Nurturing Innovation Leaders – unleash your full potential

In an era of constant changes and complex business, innovation is required to create new ideas, processes or products that can lead to effective transformational changes to drive economic growth, surpass competition and benefit the society. Individuals and organisations must be proactive in innovation to succeed. Leaders themselves must embrace a creative mindset, and be able to champion and cultivate continuous improvements and innovation in the workplace environment.

Hosted by the Asia No. 1’s Design School, PolyU’s Executive Master in Innovation Leadership (EMIL) programme is a high level, high impact, interdisciplinary Executive Master programme designed to nurture innovation leaders.

For Who

Executives or professionals from any industries seeking self-development and a more meaningful sense of contribution to your organisation and the community at large.

The programme is intended for both design and non-design professionals with 10 or more years of experience in their established careers and wish to deepen their innovative abilities, enhance their design thinking and methods by integrating design, business and creativity.


Unique Features

First-ever in Hong Kong
The first interdisciplinary Executive Master programme which nourishes innovation, entrepreneurship and multi-dimensional thinking in Hong Kong.
Creation of Innovation-led Generation
A genuinely innovative professional development experience in generating innovative and meaningful solutions to issues which arise in the context of their organisations.
Design Perspectives and Thinking
Incorporating design thinking, design methodologies and perspectives and core values of "Making Meaning" to allow senior executives to create a greater sense of self-awareness and generate more innovative perspectives.
Top Talents Converge
Combining expertise from different PolyU’s faculties, industry experts and outstanding scholars from overseas.
Personalised Service at Executive Level
Personalised service provided by IAEE’s professional team to enable senior executives to pursue individual meaning-creation journey.
Unique Learning Space
Classes are held in the iconic Jockey Club Innovation Tower, designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, with welcoming learning spaces that inspire creativity.



  • Nurturing the personal attributes which support the development of new ideas.
  • Giving senior executives the ability to approach open, complex, dynamic and networked problems in a systematic and effective way.
  • Providing senior executives with experience in the application of innovative thinking to issues and problems arising in their own organisation and in society as a whole.


Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and ameliorate the constraints on innovative and meaningful behaviour imposed upon senior executives by their prior experiences, cultural setting and cognitive styles.
  • Invoke and make effective use of design thinking, methods and perspectives to generate innovative and meaningful solutions to issues which arise in the context of their organisations.
  • Enhance management and leadership skills as a forward-looking and innovative senior executive in a complex economic environment.
  • Contribute more effectively to making meaning in the broader environment in which they live and work.