Information Security Management

Information Security -  Managing and Responding to Cyber Attacks

Information security has become a major part of senior management’s focus, and not just every IT professional’s job. Hackers are constantly trying to compromise your networks, steal sensitive data, and overwhelm your systems. Adding to the security management challenges, users are demanding to work from anywhere on any device. Information security management is important for maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of IT systems and business data. Many large enterprises employ a dedicated security group to implement and maintain the organisation’s information security programme. With growing popularity of disruptive technologies including Mobility and Cloud Computing, Social Networking and Big Data Analytics, the accompanying data security and privacy issues become vital concerns.

Information security is the set of business processes that protects information assets regardless of how the information is formatted or being processed, in transit or being stored. Information security is not a single technology but a strategy comprising the processes, tools and policies necessary to prevent, detect, document and counter threats to digital and non-digital information*. Processes and policies typically involve both physical and digital security measures to protect data from unauthorised access, use, replication or destruction.

Designed for senior executives who are key decision makers in business and other professionals involve in managing information security, this one-day programme combines practical advice with sound security management insights. The latest updates and trends to be covered will significantly benefit anyone who is interested in incident handling and response relating to Cyber security.

This high-impact programme will enrich the experience of the participants by means of interactive discussions, in-depth case studies and experience sharing by speakers who are industry experts. Synergy will be created between participants to constructively challenge their existing practices and come up with practical strategies that take the information security management to the next level.

* Manjunath KV (2014), Information Security Policy, International Journal of Computer Science & Communication Networks, Vol 5(4), 224-227


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Date To be confirmed
Time 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue PolyU campus
Fee HK$3,000 per person (Lunch and refreshment are included)