Global Angel Investing

Seven subjects are provided to help Angel Investors to understand the fundamentals in the world of Angel Investing, provide connections with entrepreneurs and learn how to invest wisely so that value can be added to further propel the whole ecosystem.

Subject 1 - Angel Investing and You

  • Introduce to the world of Angel Investing and the role of Angel Investors in the corporate financing eco-system (from seed to angel to Series A financing).
  • Gain foundational knowledge including key roles in a company, a typical company and product development lifestyle, and the role startups play in innovation and wealth creation globally.
  • Emphasize the social impact and sustainable investing.
  • Develop and define your agenda and objectives in becoming an Angel Investor as well as understand the personal value proposition.

Subject 2 - Angel Investing and Corporate Finance Mechanics

  • The "nuts and bolts" of Angel Investing are presented.
  • Explore the typical trajectories for startup companies through their lifetime, methods of raising capital throughout the stages of a company’s development, the structure and nuances of a term-sheet.
  • Understand a company’s financials, business plans, and pitch decks, legal and tax implications for investors.

Subject 3 - Entrepreneurship from an Angel’s Perspective

  • Provide students with an entrepreneur’s perspective on a deal.
  • Several deals will be presented including business plans, pitches, and interviews with the entrepreneurs.
  • A variety of startups will be presented based upon the interests of the students. Students will be required to critique and offer improvements to the startups if it was their company.

Subject 4 - Valuation and Negotiating a Fair Deal

  • Identify a good team structure and chemistry; and understand team dynamics
  • Understand valuation standards
  • Identifying the markets for a successful startup

Subject 5 - Due Diligence

  • Become familiar with all due diligence issues in an Angel Investing situation
  • Plan and manage a moderately complex due diligence exercise
  • Personally participate in the execution of parts of a due diligence exercise
  • Apply principles, techniques and investigative skills related to due diligence

Subject 6 - Adding Value, Troubleshooting and Getting to Series A

  • Understand the common mistakes of early startups
  • Protect your rights as an investor
  • Develop a system of checks and balances (effective outside board)
  • Leverage your own network to help startup (investors, customers, employees, board, companies)

Subject 7 - Global Perspectives, Network Building and Dealflow

  • Assess investment opportunities and deploy capital
  • Understand regional advantages for innovation and investment
  • Build network for deal-flow and co-investment with like-minded investors

For subject 7 "Global Perspectives, Network Building and Dealflow", students will travel with faculty to visit different startup hubs around the world which may include Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Venice, Shanghai, Singapore and Stockholm (final destinations are subject to change due to the availability of global contacts/ hosts). Each stop will include visits with successful Angel Investors and startups looking for seed capital. Students are required to bear own airfare, hotel accommodation and meals.