Global Angel Investing
Faculties' Support

Mr. Yobie Benjamin

CTO, Angel Investor, Global Senior Executive
Chief Technology Officer, Token, Inc.
Co-founder, Avegant

"All of today’s great technologies started with a partnership between "angel" investor and entrepreneur. Angel investing is as critical to innovation as the entrepreneurs and inventors. Angel investing is the proverbial water and sunshine to the seeds of invention and entrepreneurship. Students in this very special Executive Diploma in Global Angel Investing can expect to learn how to spot opportunities before they are obvious. Students will also learn the core fundamentals of venture investing from term sheets, negotiating skills, preference terms to liquidity events."

Dr. James Fok

CEO, Brave Creation Limited

"Helping new startup companies to grow can be highly rewarding in more ways in one, not just financially; By the same token, Angel Investors have the duty to make sure they can give the best possible advice, as it is more than their investments that are at stake."

Mr. John Lo

Solicitor (Hong Kong)
Attorney at Law (California)
Partner, Nixon Peabody CWL
Active Angel Investor, Startup Advisor and Startup Co-founder
Honorary Legal Advisor to Hong Kong Business Angel Network

"Angel Investment could be a win-win-win-win situation. First, it helps creating new companies that drive the economy; second, the entrepreneurs win because of the funding essential to their efforts; third, you win because of the potential financial gains; and lastly, you also win because of all the learning, enrichment, and other intangible benefits you gain going through it."

Dr. Lo Wai Shun

General Partner, DL Capital
Angel Investment Fund focusing on disruptive and exponential technologies

"Angel Investment is satisfying because it is helping young entrepreneurs with your resources, insights and life long experiences, and supporting them with a little money."

Mr. Raiyo Nariman

Venture Manager
Founding Vice President, Malaysian Business Angel Network
MD and Partner for Mercatus Ventures

"Like all aspects of life, learning from mistakes is a key part of the development and growth of an angel investor. Instead of waiting to make your own mistakes as a new angel, programmes like this give you a chance to learn –often very valuable – lessons, from those who have made decisions and won, and also the mistakes learnt from them."