Two Generation Programme for Family Business

Asian business families are constantly grappling with the challenges of succession issues. Successful intergenerational transition is essential to the sustainability and continuity of family values, business growth and community advancement at large.

Grooming next generation of entrepreneurs in Mainland China to play a pivotal role in the succession of the core values of his/her family, be successful in taking the business to the next level and contribute to the overall community advancement are vital both to family businesses and the society.

However, many of the second and third generations receive their education abroad and as a result, their knowledge of the digital age, values, management style and business strategies are rather diverse, and quite different from that of their parents’ generation.  To sustain and grow the family business, these new leaders in China have to balance between heritage and innovation, while developing entrepreneurship that enables them to rejuvenate the business with their fresh insights and inputs.

By assembling a team of experts and suitable trainers to provide guidance to the second generation successors, together with their parents, one-day will be spent exploring the theme, Evergreen Family Business. This will be conducted in a fun and relaxing way but at the same time provide insights and sharing on tackling the challenges and issues that trans-generations of family businesses face. This one-day programme, which is conducted in Putonghua, will enrich the experience the participants by means of exercises, interactive discussions, in-depth case studies and experience sharing by speakers.


Quick Summary

Date To be confirmed
Time 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Venue Shenzhen Research Institute