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PolyU’s first-ever Digital Leadership Executive Master Programme Help Corporate Management Adapt the Changing Era

06 May 2016


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Hong Kong needs more than good infrastructure to create a thriving internet economy by EMDL teaching team Ms Waltraut Ritter

02 May 2016

South China Morning Post

"Waltraut Ritter says the government’s promotion of an internet economy through better hardware is missing the more vital elements of skills, mindset and networks......" - article at SCMP by Ms Waltraut Ritter, who is a member of the government’s Digital 21 strategy advisory committee

The Promise of Big Data: Bringing Technology and the Economy together by EMDL teaching team Prof. Jiannong Cao

25 March 2016

South China Morning Post

"Big data offers users a better opportunity to capture a better and clearer view of business. With more open source and lower cost computing platforms and software available, small and medium enterprises and start-ups can also enjoy the benefits of big data in a cost effective and efficient way to capture opportunities and grow in their business. The future challenges fall on the poverty of good and valuable data, and context of data......" - article at SCMP by Prof. Jiannong Cao, Chair Professor and Head of Department of Computing at PolyU

4 in 1 - Executive Master in Digital Leadership

23 February 2016

Oriental Daily

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Plan for Your Future Strengthen Digital Technology Management Competence

27 January 2016


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