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Grooming a New Gen of Hitech and Digital Leaders for Problem Solving in Corporations

20 January 2017

JobMarket Magazine - P.16

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More than data and ’reality’

09 December 2016

SCMP Professional Education Guide 2016

".....Digital disruption is a leading concern for the C-suite in Asia and beyond. So where does that leave today’s postgraduate course providers?......The Executive Master in Digital Leadership (EMDL) is already producing a new generation of successful business leaders. It’s the first interdisciplinary programme of its kind in Hong Kong combining computational thinking, innovation and leadership learning......" - extracted from p.44-45 of SCMP Professional Education Guide 2016

Digital Transformation Sharing in PolyU’s New Executive Master Program in Digital Leadership

15 September 2016

Blog of ICGX Asia

".....As a key member of the programme’s teaching team, Andy Lau, Chairman of ICGX and Head of Wayin in APAC, drew from his experiences as a leader in digital enablement to tell the story of the 21st century business. By now, organisations that are hundry for more growth know that data storage and analytics technologies are the key to gaining a competitive edge. The vast quantity and availability of data......" - extracted from the Blog of ICGX Asia

Translate an IT strategy into business value

01 August 2016

APlus Magazine

"......While information technology remains a key enabler for change and growth, many executives have come to realize that technology, or more precisely, people who are able to apply technology, can help businesses transform and transcend into a new modus operandi with greater agility, resilience and performance. For these enterprises, an IT strategy has become an integral part of the overall business strategy, and IT’s role has evolved from running operations to creating sustainable business value......" - extracted from an interview with Mr. Michael Leung, one of the guest speakers in EMDL Teaching Team, by APlus Magazine

Exec Master in Digital Leadership - Grooming a New Generation of Hitech and Digital Leaders

22 July 2016

Ming Pao

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