Digital Leadership
Employers' Endorsements

Mr. Michael Leung, MH

President, Computer Society
Chief Information & Operations Officer, China CITIC Bank International

“In the past we talked about competition, we talked about regulations and other issues. Today we talk about innovations, disruptions, transformations. All these are driven by technology. For digital leaders, they need to have the understanding, the business acumen of the digital technology. I personally recommend this programme for those seeking to stay relevant in the competitive FinTech sector.”

Ms. Amy Lung

Director of Global Device and Service Development,
Hutchison Telecommunications Group Holdings Limited

"The management of leading hitech companies, such as in Telecom industry, is facing both a host of challenges and opportunities relating to data transformation, digital architecture, monetization of digital strategies to develop new business streams. Keeping up-to-date with the knowledge and professional skills to drive the new economy under the digital era is vitally important. I am very pleased to see and wish to give my full support to the creation of this new Executive Master in Digital Leadership programme, as it is specially crafted to help future leaders, of technical and non-technical backgrounds, master the essential competencies to tap opportunities in the disruptive age of doing business.”

Dr. C.K. Wong

Chairman, iASPEC Technologies Group

"The Executive Master in Digital Leadership programme offered by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is an excellent learning experience that our new generation of leadership can benefit from. The interdisciplinary nature of its courses gives its students very broad exposure to important issues and the opportunities of a world that is transforming with the advent of digital technologies. These courses are designed to broaden the minds and to open up new horizons for its participants."

Mr. Peter Yan

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, SUNeVision Holdings Limited

"The proliferation of cloud computing, IoT, big data, mobile communication and social media is transforming how enterprises do business. These new technologies are also creating new business opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Executives in this new era of digital economy need to get themselves prepared to face the challenges and identify opportunities in this new business environment. The Executive Master in Digital Leadership programme combines both fundamental knowledge and real-life business case sharing from industry experts will nurture both technical and non-technical professionals to become business leaders that are digital-savvy, agile-minded and change-ready in today’s fast-changing business environment."