Digital Leadership
Employers' Endorsements

Ms. Cally Chan

Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hong Kong & Macau

“This Executive Master in Digital Leadership is indeed a programme with the Right Time, Right Place and Right Content.  Today, technology has permeates our lifestyle, spending and transactions, generating data capable of being analysed by computers as intelligence for expanding business opportunities.  This programme includes the most up-to-date content in Disruptive Technologies, Innovation Management and Digital Strategies to lead successfully.  Under the Mainland China’s Belt-Road initiative, there will be tremendous opportunities for enterprises to develop digital capacities and thrive. With the HKSAR Government’s Innovation and Technology drive, Hong Kong is the best place to tap the opportunity and make a significant contribution. Of course, the timing is now to study this programme and become a Digital Leader.”

Dr. Hubert Chan, JP

Chairman, Hong Kong Communications Co., Ltd.

"We are living in an age of uncertainties in terms of Political, Economical, and Technical environment. As a result of Digitization, product life cycle is much shorter, companies are rising, and falling, at a much faster pace than ever before. Although it has been proven that leadership is an influencing factor in how innovation occurs in organization, and is one of the most critical factors for determining the degree to which employees strive for innovation, traditional leadership theories may not sufficient to adapt this phenomenon particularly in addressing the “How” which is an art rather than a science. EMDL program is exactly filling this gap."

Mr. Horace Chow

General Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

“In the technology industry, we are on the cusp of a new frontier that pairs the power of big data with advanced machine intelligence. This Executive Master in Digital Leadership will share about how different industries are reinventing their businesses through digital transformation – from intelligent data and machine learning analytics, to IoT innovations and to perception and conversational intelligence bots. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology and management will enable you to add value to your role in today’s digital business world.”

Mr. Steven Davidson

Partner, Vice President
GBS Hong Kong Leader
Business Process Services Leader
Greater China Group
IBM Global Business Services

"Digital technologies such as cloud, mobile, analytics, IoT and blockchain are reinventing industries. The last best digital experience sets new customer expectations and enterprises face powerful competition from new entrants and startups as industry barriers fall. Yet enterprises can be successful if they decide to disrupt rather than being disrupted by understanding customers in new ways and launching new business models. Enterprises need the talented, digitally literate business leaders developed by courses such as PolyU’s Executive Master in Digital Leadership."

Mr. Andy Lau

Chairman & CEO, ICG Group

“Digital Era was the future. The Future is now. To embrace the future, the key to being successful is, SPEED. If companies can’t develop at a pace that allows them to win, they will find themselves behind very quickly. Success in the world favours companies that can invent and reinvent at lightning speeds.”