Crisis Management and Communication Solutions

Part 1 - Morning Session

  • Welcome, Introduction and Expectations
  • Understanding Crisis
  • What is Crisis Management?
  • Introduction to the 3Ps & 3Rs of Crisis Management
  • Prevention: Strategic Planning, Risk Identification, Risk Mitigation and Risk Treatment
  • Preparation: Organisational Readiness, Awareness, Training, Capacity Building and Partnerships

Part 1 - Afternoon Session

  • Response: Leadership, Command & Control, Emergency Response, Public Management and Sustainability
  • Recovery: Multi-agency and Community Support, Emotional Issues
  • Review: After Action Reviews, Gap Analysis and Common Mistakes
  • Case Study
  • Review of Takeaways and Concluding Remarks


Part 2 - Morning Session

  • Welcome, Introduction and Expectations
  • What is Crisis Communications?
  • Crisis Communications: Strategic, Operational and Tactical
  • Planning and Preparation: Crisis Communication Teams, Coordication and Training
  • Stakeholders and Partners: Identification, Engagement and Collaboration
  • Media Engagement and Management: The role of the media, Handling the media and Media Pitfalls
  • Social Media Issues: Monitoring and Responding, Damage Control and Leveraging

Part 2 - Afternoon Session

  • Crisis Communication Tools: Spokesperson Selection and Training, Media Interviews, Essential Body Language
  • Case Studies and Discussion
  • Simulation Practice and Exercises
  • Review of Takeaways and Concluding Remarks