Board Leadership and Governance

GRC and Directors’ Liabilities

  • Explore the importance and relevance of corporate governance to listed companies, senior management and their directors.
  • Explain why risk management and compliance are fast becoming key aspects of corporate governance.
  • Discuss issues such as conflicts of interests, self-dealings, disclosures and limited availabilities of exclusions or limitation of liabilities.

Leadership and Innovation for Board Members

  • Focus on entrepreneurship within the context of modern corporate governance through a sound balance between risk taking and innovation.
  • Embark on a journey of building corporate entrepreneurship through action learning, working on real problems, designing actions and reflecting upon improving performance and results.
  • Discuss governance of innovative and entrepreneurship firms.

Fraud and Risk Management in Digital Age

  • Help directors understand the law and practices relating to Internal Control and build a robust Fraud Risk Management programme that addresses special issues in the digital environment.
  • Interpret financial data that listed companies deal with, analyzing financial statements and quantitative reports, with a view to clearly understand the financial position of the organisation.

Useful References

Leadership and Innovation for Board Members

Other Information

This is a non-credit bearing programme. Upon completion of three modules, a Certificate of Completion, entitled "Executive Certificate in Board Leadership and Governance", will be issued by PolyU’s IAEE.