Client List
Client List
Client List

IAEE works collaboratively with our clients and develop strategic business solutions that customise client's unique challenges they face and has also developed a portfolio of executive education programmes that offer senior executives and business professionals flexible learning in the development of their careers.

Our current portfolio of clients to name a few:

Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Company

Summit on China’s 12th 5-Year Plan and the Telecom Industry - In collaboration with the State Council, we delivered a summit for senior executives of Alcatel-Lucent and state-owned telecommunications enterprises in Haikou. The renowned speakers gave presentations on the domestic and international economies, the development of the telecommunications industry in China, and the development and reform of China’s 12th 5-Year Plan. The speakers inspired participants to animated and highly interactive discussion.

China Construction Bank

Bespoke Programme for China Construction Bank (Asia) on “Development of HK Mortgage Market and Trends”- is a seminar to help executives and managers enriching their knowledge and understanding the development and trends of the latest Hong Kong Residential and Commercial Mortgage Markets. Analysis on the mortgage loan customers and their mentality and preferences, major players in the market, and the hottest mortgage products were presented.


Civil Service Bureau

Bespoke Programme for Civial Service Bureau on “Selling Ideas Creatively for Results” is a seminar to change the senior civil servants’ mindset for getting message across and buy-in from the public for implementing Government’s policies and initiatives. New tools for everyday creative selling were introduced to participants.

Civil Service Bureau

“1.5-day sessions on Team Projects” - The programme is for Civil Service Training and Development Institute of Civil Service Bureau, which is a capstone of the Innovative Leadership Programme. Participants formed teams to complete team projects in relation to executing a particular public service basing on designed topics. Project Guidance Session and Adjudication were provided to help the public officers integrate learning and synthesize knowledge, skills and new thinking mindsets learnt from the other modules in the programme.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

Conversion Programme - We tailored a 3-month fast-track accountancy programme for staff members of the two accounting firms leading the way to obtain accountancy qualification with professional accounting bodies. Our faculty provides the programme design, delivers the programme and helps graduates enrol in professional accreditation courses afterwards.

Department of Health

Bespoke Programme for Department of Health on “Staff Engagement – Empowering Your People” is a one-day programme that equips a group of medical and health professionals to appreciate Department’s VMV for organisational development; explore and embrace the challenges in staff engagement; and identify strategies and actions to motivate staff and build an engaged team. The programme is designed to provide both theoretical frameworks and practical tools for the participants to grasp the essence of staff engagement and resilience against challenges in their profession.

Esquel Enterprises Limited

Bespoke Programme for Esquel on Marketing Pitch is a one-day programme that equips Sales team with more advanced knowledge about marketing and practical guidelines on how to foster a more productive relationship with clients and by doing so to enhance the leadership position in the market. Experience sharing, case studies, group discussion and exercises were featured to help participants gain an international view balanced by local insights and market dynamics.

Fung (1937) Management Limited

Fung Group Senior Executives Programme - Project Eco-Runway 2013 - We delivered an interactive and engaging team building programme for a group of 38 senior leaders from Li & Fung’s offices across the globe, in which participants were coached by the academic team from PolyU’s Institute of Textile and Clothing, to modify pieces of ‘recycled’ clothing, decorate the apparel and showcase their ‘product’ with a catwalk. During the collaborative process, participants could appreciate the apparel design and production as well as to raise sense in fashion design and creativity.

GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited

Bespoke Programme for GF Holdings (Hong Kong) Corporation Limited on Building Executive Presence – It is a comprehensive workshop series that empowers high potential executives to raise their credibility and executive presence by building on skills that leverage deeper understanding of self and others. The series covered topics of leadership brand, championing change, influencing and persuasion, motivation, conflict management and coach approach. Through highly interactive activities with provision of tools and strategies, participants could raise their self-awareness and confidence, and enhance their own and team performance.

Guangdong Mobile, China Mobile subsidiary

Advanced Executive Education Programme for Guangdong Mobile, China Mobile subsidiary - We have developed a two-year Advanced Executive Education Programme for the company's middle and senior management. Participants receive an integrated and transformative management education that specifically develops their leadership capabilities.

Guangzhou Baiyun Branch, Bank of China

Executive Training on Retail Banking and Risk Management - In collaboration with the MBA Education Center of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, senior managers of Bank of China acquired from renowned experts knowledge of latest development of retail banking industry in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Effective implementation of risk management in branch operation was also introduced.

Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation

Bespoke Programme for Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation on Corporate Entrepreneurship is a one-day programme that helps senior management to strengthen their learning agility to develop broader perspectives on corporate entrepreneurship. Through action learning, participants can explore alternate thinking patterns that can help, both as individuals and as a team, and discover new opportunities and ways of enhancing the ability to think innovatively in a proactive way.

Hysan Corporate Service Limited

Bespoke Programme for Hysan Corporate Service Limited on Service Marketing – It is a one-day programme that helps managers and senior managers from the property service team to enhance their awareness and understanding towards service marketing in order to contribute to the creation of “unique customer satisfying experience” culture in their workplace. A combination of mini lectures and interactive activities were designed to help executives create delightful customer experiences. Case studies of international and local projects were discussed.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC)

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Executive Training on Innovation - The programme is designed for ICBC management to enhance competency in innovation. Delivered by Prof. Frederick Ma, Professor of Finance Practice and Prof. Gregg Li, Professor of Accounting Practice, participants learnt to explore ways to identify innovations, practice innovation and drive innovative strategies in product and service development.

Link Asset Management Limited

Link Executive Development Programme in Shopping Mall Management - It consists of eight subjects to be taught over a two-year period, which include Property Law, Corporate Real Estate Asset Management, Real Estate Valuation, Accounting for Management Decision Making, Principles of Corporate Finance, Property Management, Maintenance Management and Operation, and Project Studio for the Construction and Real Estate. The subjects combine classroom learning and real-life applications, are taught in English and are held every other Saturdays throughout the two-year period.

Manulife Financial Asia Limited

Bespoke Programme for Manulife on Cultural Sensitivity is a seminar that aims to help a group of senior management to enhance their awareness and understanding towards cultural differences and their implications for interactions and communication in the workplace.

Xi’an Hi-tech Development Zone

Executive Training Programme on Finance Management - It is two-day intensive programmes designed for senior executives to gain better understanding of financial markets and products, and explore practical techniques in Finance Management. Theories taught could be applied into real cases in the organisation, such as the process of listed company and merger and acquisition.