Cross-Cultural Management of Belt and Road Projects
Case Sharing

Guest Speakers:

Mr. James Law, JP
Founder, Chairman and CEO, James Law Cybertecture

“Designing my architecture internationally including the Middle East, India, Russia, Africa, China and United States has been an ongoing 15 year journey in the art of exploring, learning, navigating, tackling and enjoying the challenges of taking on opportunities from around the world. The journey has not always been smooth, however it has been rewarding professionally, and most profoundly a great privilege. I will explore the philosophy behind my own motivations and willingness to go on this journey; and share anecdotes of experiences that were significant markers on this journey.” said James.


Mr. Eliott Suen 
Executive Director, Marga Group 

Mr. Eliott Suen will share his experience on culture management in different countries, especially in Myanmar.


Mr. Zhou Jiayi 
Executive Vice President, POWERCHINA International Group Limited 

Mr. Zhou will illustrate different perspectives on cross-cultural projects management by sharing his experience gained from various key projects in Africa and Laos.