Financing the Belt and Road Initiative
Case Sharing

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Joseph Chan
Chairman, Silk Road Economic Development Research Center

Mr. Joseph Chan will focus his sharing on Investing & Operating with Zero Financing Support in Belt & Road countries.

Mr. Thomas Leung
Mainland China & HK Deputy Markets Leader, PwC 
South China Markets Leader, PwC 

Mr. Christopher Tan
Partner, Corporate Finance and Capital Projects & Infrastructure, PwC

Mr. Thomas Leung and Mr. Christopher Tan will focus their sharing on some of their PPP project delivery experience, in some of the most invested sectors in the B&R countries, including toll road, railway and power, from project preparation stage to financing close. They will share how infrastructure projects are evaluated at feasibility stage, including how financial modelling are set up taking consideration project risks to evaluate returns for informed investment decision making; the contractual arrangements used for risk control / mitigation under PPP framework to minimise project risks to an appropriate level in order to achieve financial close; as well as the various financing structure for infrastructure projects and source of financing.

Ms. Wang Weifang
Deputy Director, Asset Finance Department, 
China National Machinery Industry Co. Ltd. (Sinomach)

Ms. Wang has participated in a wide range of projects, including the China-Belarus Industrial Park and Thar Engro Coal Power Project in Pakistan. She was involved in the investment and financing of these projects and during the workshop, she will share her experience and the challenges she faced.

Ms. Wang will also share the preferential policies offered by The PRC government and financial institutions for developing energy projects in Pakistan, which helped pave a strong financial foundation. Insured by SINOSURE (China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation), over US$800 million was financed by China Development Bank, together with China Construction Bank and ICBC on this particular project.