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International Project Management and Relational Contracting Systems

Gain insights into how to avoid potential issues such as project delays and budget overruns by diagnosing problems early. Learn....

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Dispute Management and Law for International Project

Enter a new realm of dispute resolution. Disputes and conflicts may be inevitable but how can we learn from them?....

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Integrated Project Management

Integrated Belt and Road project feasibility, funding, risk and facility management in this uniquely-designed workshop. Instantly put learning into action....

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Cross Professional Practices Sharing and Networking Session (Session 2)

Grasp this exceptional opportunity to connect with business leaders, industry experts and professionals from Belt and Road countries in a....

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Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Programme Inaugural Conference

To officially kick off the Programme and to showcase our programme highlights, the Inaugural Conference took place on 12 December in the Central Government Offices, Tamar. Prior to the inauguration of...

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