President's Message

Hello fellows. I have a very important item of news to convey in this newsletter. The dates for the 2015 conference have been decided upon after discussions with our Greek hosts at the University of the Aegean.

2015 Conference dates: May 24-May 29, Rhodes, Greece.

Similar to Portugal, a business meeting will be scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday May 24 with departure after breakfast on May 29.

Following discussion with our Greek hosts, the Academy executive is proposing "After the Crisis" as the title and theme for the 2015 membership meeting. This theme is timely, particularly so for countries that are very dependent on tourism such as Greece. Addressing this theme enables the Academy membership to take stock of the current state of tourism research and education and to anticipate future developments and explore new priorities. Within this theme, it is hoped that members will prepare papers that not only explore our current situation globally but also given direction to future possibilities, for tourism and for the universities where tourism scholarship takes place. 

It is proposed that the meeting will again include three panel sessions focusing on research, education and industry. For the first two sessions Academy fellows will be invited to make brief presentations on key aspects before open discussion.  For the third panel, Academy fellows will be joined by local industry leaders to explore the current issues facing tourism in Rhodes and in Greece more generally. Given the overall theme of "After the Crisis", Greece will provide a particularly relevant setting for this discussion.

Additional to the biennial conference, a number of Academy fellows will deliver a 'Summer School" to industry stakeholders May 20-23 inclusive. By this means, the Academy can provide benefit to the local tourism industry in appreciation of their hosting the conference. This strategy also helps meet the need for greater relevance for the Academy which is an ongoing concern of many fellows.

More details about the conference will be announced shortly by 1st Vice President David Airey who is collaborating with our hosts to develop a robust conference professional and social agenda.

I extend my very best wishes to you and your families, Larry