Update on Taiwan 2011

Dear Fellows,

June 2011 is coming closer and I guess you want some update on how our Conference is shaping up.

We do not have a complete picture yet, for the window to submit, among other things, abstracts for papers not intended to be published in the book edited by Daniel Fesenmaier and Gianna Moscardo is still open.

However, it seems that in Taiwan we may not be so much pressed up for time as we were in Majorca. Up to now we have 20 abstracts for papers to be presented in June, most of them in book-chapter form. Additionally we have 11 nominees for fellowship and 2 in the Emerging Scholars session. As said, these numbers cannot be considered as final yet. They will be updated in detail when time comes to prepare the definitive program.

Additionally Erik Cohen and Philip Pearce have proposed a special session on humor and tourism. The Executive Committee has welcomed the idea. We will offer more details on this session once it has been fleshed out.

Finally, as the ghost of an unequal economic recovery of the world economy still haunts the prospects of tourism within the next years, some Fellows have circulated the idea of a special session on the issue. The idea is under discussion among the Executive and we hope to come up with a decision soon.

A final program for the Conference will be published in these pages some time around Spring.

All the best,

Julio Aramberri
1st Vice-President 

October 26, 2010