Nominees of the Academy Fellowship 2011

Message from Larry Dwyer


Dear Fellows. Eleven persons have been nominated for Fellowship of the Academy in the 2011 round. They are:

Kathleen Adams, Loyola University Chicago USA, nominated by Erik Cohen

David Airey, University of Surrey UK, nominated by John Tribe

Liping Cai, Purdue University USA, nominated by Bill Gartner

John Crotts, College of Charleston USA, nominated by Arch Woodside

Leo Jago, University of Nottingham UK, nominated by Larry Dwyer

Adele Ladkin, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong, nominated by Tom Baum

Alan Lew, University of Northern Arizona USA, nominated by David Weaver

Tanja Mihalic, University of Ljubljana Slovenia, nominated by Pauline Sheldon

Ige Pirnar, Yasar University Turkey, nominated by Turgut Var

Betty Weiler, Monash University Australia, nominated by Geoffrey Crouch and Chuck Goeldner

Karl Woeber, Modul University Austria, nominated by Daniel Fesenmaier, Egon Smeral, and Josef Mazanec


The application package for these nominees will be posted on the web shortly, accessible only by Fellows. All of the nominees will be invited to make a presentation at the Conference in Taiwan. At the conference, Fellows will have the opportunity to meet and chat with the nominees. Following the Taiwan meeting all Fellows will be given the opportunity to cast their votes on behalf of the candidates.

I am pleased to inform you also that we have received two nominations for the Emerging Scholar award (up to three awards were available). These are:

Susanne Becken, Lincoln University New Zealand, nominated by Larry Dwyer

Ulrike Gretzel, Texas A&M USA, nominated by Pauline Sheldon


Larry Dwyer

2nd Vice President