Member Activities

Richard Butler

Richard has had three books completed this year. The first is Giants of Tourism, jointly edited with Dr. Roslyn Russell (RMIT, Australia) published by CABI. The second is Tourism and Political Change, jointly edited with Dr. Wantanee Suntikul (IST, Macau), published by Goodfellow. The third, currently in press, is Island Tourism - Sustainable Perspectives, jointly edited with Dr. Jack Carlsen (Curtin University, Australia) to be published by CABI.


Kaye Chon

Kaye, along with Haiyan Song and Honggen Xiao, organized the 4th UNWTO/PATA Tourism Trends and Outlook Forum in Guilin, China on 2-4 September 2010. The Forum, which was intended to provide a state-of-the-art review of tourism trends and future outlook, was attended by some 500 industry practitioners, government policy makers and tourism academics. Subsequently, Kaye, in his capacity as Chairman of PATA Education and Training Committee, organized the PATA Seminar on Human Resources Challenges which was held in Macau on 14 September 2010. On 24-25 September, he delivered an invited keynote presentation at the EIAT (Education and Industry Advancing Together) Conference which was held in Belgrade, Serbia.


Geoffrey Crouch

Geoffrey is currently on sabbatical leave (July to December 2010) at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Apart from pursuing research during this period, he has also been invited to deliver presentations at the University of Salzburg, the University of  Applied Sciences in Chur (Switzerland), the University of Lugano, the University of Sassari (Sardinia) and the University of Eichstaett.


David Edgell

The East Carolina University’s Center for Sustainable Tourism (Center), where David serves as the research scholar, now offers the nation’s first interdisciplinary Master of Science in Sustainable Tourism degree (MS Degree). A faculty committee representing the College of Business, the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Human Ecology, and the College of Health and Human Performance provides direction and oversight to this degree program and the students enrolled. The program is anchored on four core sustainability and tourism courses---an introductory course, a science course, a business course, and a planning and policy course. David taught the first course SUTO 6300 Planning and Policy of Sustainable Tourism in the program. For more information about the Center and the MS Degree, visit: www.sustainabletourism.org.  


Nelson Graburn

Is sorry to announce that Nelson was fired from his Senior Professorship at London Metropolitan University along with 6 of 7 colleagues when the International Institute for Culture, Tourism and Development was closed in July 2010. Similar threats have been made elsewhere in the UK, especially against the well known Centre for Tourism and Cultural Change at Leeds Metropolitan.

Nelson remains Professor of the Graduate School at U C Berkeley, where he teaches the seminar “Tourism, Art and Modernity” and participates in the Tourism Studies Working Group [TSWG] which is hosting visiting scholars from China, France, Germany, Iceland, Portugal and Sweden this year. TSWG is organizing the Berkeley/Sorbonne conference “Tourist Imaginaries/Imaginaires touristiques” to take place in Berkeley 18-20th February as announced in the last Newsletter.

Nelson and Prof. Han Min, of the National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan, co-edited the book Tourism and Glocalization: Perspectives in East Asian Studies. Suita, Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology, Senri Ethnological Studies (July 2010.) which was based on a panel held at the IUAES [International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences] held in Kunming, Yunnan in September 2009.

Nelson will be giving the keynote address “The History of Chinese Academic Tourism Research” (co-authored with Lu Jin, U. of Xiamen) to the Tourism Summit Forum at the opening of the Jinzhongshan Tourism Research Institute in Guilin in late October. He will also give the keynote address for the accompanying Conference on Tourism and Landscape. These events are sponsored by Mr. Lu Zhihui who is developing a karst scenery valley for tourism, to include a 6-7 star hotel inside a mountain cave!

Nelson and three Chinese colleagues will then travel to Kanazawa National University, Japan where he will give the opening keynote for the conference “Exploring Ethnicity and the State through Tourism in East Asia” which he organized with his former student Dr. John Ertl, on the faculty there. This conference is based on a panel “The Articulation of Indigenous People/Minorities and Ethnic tourism within East Asia” which he organized with Prof. Peng Zhaorong of Xiamen U. at the IUAES in 2009.

Nelson is also giving papers at the ISA RC-50 meeting in Gôteborg, the ‘Tourism, Religion and Culture’ conference in Lecce, the AAA meetings in Philadelphia, the ‘Seductions of Difference’ conference in Lisbon, the IASTE Conference in Beirut, Guizhou Normal University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Bristol, the University of Basilicata in Matera, the University of East Anglia, and the University of Eire, Maynooth.

Now he knows why it is called retirement! Nelson will see you in Taiwan next summer.


Don Hawkins

Don, Eisenhower Professor of Tourism Policy at George Washington University, co-authored the "Guide to Assessing and Designing Tourism Workforce Development Programs." It placed

a special focus on job and career opportunities for youth.It was developed into a tool kit for USAID and included case examples from Jordan and the Dominican Republic. Fellows can obtain the guide from: this link.


Patrick Lavery

During this summer (July – August), Patrick was a key contributor to the survey of sustainable tourism organized by the National Geographic Association and the Sierra Club in the USA. The study identified coastal areas under threat in Australia/ New Zealand, Europe/Africa and Oceana.


Chris Ryan

Chris, in conjunction with Cui Xiaoming, Associate Dean of the Ankang University Management School, won a contract from the Shanxi Provincial Government to look at issues of tourism impact and development in Ankang as a follow up to past work the two have undertaken and which has been published in CSSI journals. For the first time in 5 years Chris has also commenced a research project based in New Zealand, looking at the potential implications of changing Australian summers of drought and bush fires on trans-Tasman air traffic demand. In September Chris was also a speaker at the 30th Anniversary celebrations of the tourism programme at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, and then subsequently gave further presentations at Chi Nan University in Puli, Nantou County and Asia University in Wufeng, Taichung County. His current research projects relate not only to Ankang, but also Taiwanese perspectives of Forest National Parks, and the meanings of authenticity at Lo Pin on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. In his role as a Visiting Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University Chris was in Hong Kong in October 2010. Chris also served a member of the judging panel for the award of the best paper for the 2010 APTA conference. He also continues to serve as the New Zealand representative on the Australia-New Zealand Food Standards Association Social Science Panel and was recently involved in an overview of how that panel recruits and commissions social science relating to food science issues such as the provision of food information on packaging. In October 2010 Chris had a new book published by the University of Nanking Press with Lin Wang, Dean of The Tourism College at Hainan University and Professor Gu Huimin from Beijing International Studies University as translator and co-editor on Competitiveness and Destination Planning and a further book published by the same company in conjunction with Dr Ma Xiaolong from China National Tourism Administration. In November Chris will be keynote speaker at the ATLAS conference in Cyprus. 


Muzzo Uysal

Muzzo co-authored a book “Tourist Customer Service Satisfaction:  An Encounter Approach”   with F. Noe and V. Magnini , Routledge, UK 2010.


Peter Williams

Peter from Simon Fraser University has been appointed to the Executive Committee of AIEST. He completed a report for the Government of British Columbia detailing the strategies the 2010 Tourism Consortium (a partnership of destination management organizations in Canada) used to leverage tourism infrastructure and marketing benefits from the Vancouver 2010 OIympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Peter also completed a 3 year term as Chair, of a unique British Columbia Tourism Research Advisory Council. This Council of destination management organization researchers and users reported directly to the province's Minister of Tourism on research priorities and methods of communicating with stakeholders on completed research projects.


Arch Woodside

In June 2010 Arch's new book was release by Emerald Publishing-- Case Study Research: Theory, Methods, Practice (ISBN: 9781849509220).This book examines at the research processes involved in conducting methods including: participant observation; fuzzy set social science; decision systems analysis; forced metaphor elicitation technique; ethnographic decision tree modeling; mapping strategic thinking; the historical method; storytelling research; and, conversational analysis. Example case studies are both international and interdisciplinary and vary as golf tourism, and household gardeners buying and using seed from plants, to an Austrian corporate business-to-business brand, and a multinational electronics firm with headquarters in New York City. This book reviews and applies the best classic and contemporary contributions to literature on case study methods from several disciplines, providing strong rationales for adopting case study research methods alone or in mixed-methods. It addresses the principal criticisms of case study research as well as offering new definitions and applications of theories and techniques and proposing advances in the field. The diverse coverage found in this title not only features well-known theories and practices but is not afraid to examine valuable but little-used case data analysis techniques such as degrees of freedom analysis. It offers a depth of explication and demonstration of techniques and theories not found in other publications.

In SeptemberArch has also published a book Tourism-Marketing Performance Metrics and Usefulness Auditing of Destination Websites, Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality, Volume 4 (ISBN: 9781849509008). This volume provides specific answers to hard questions about how to create valid metrics to measure the effectiveness of tourism advertising and the usefulness of destination marketing websites. An extensive literature review describes 40+ years of research on the effectiveness of tourism advertising and the slow advancement to using valid impact metrics – field experiments with alternative ad treatment and placements. Several authors undertake information-usefulness audits on DMO (destination management office) websites and provide practical check-lists. Tourism website comparisons include: Maine, Massachusetts and New York; Genoa, Marseille and Valencia; France, Spain and Portugal; and China, Poland, Russia and Thailand, against one another as well as the Lonely Planet websites. Content analysis of consumer-generated advertisements that promote visits to third places, in this case Starbucks coffee shops and Chipotle restaurants, makes an intriguing study. The final paper gives a thick description of the dynamics of the government’s role in shaping China’s domestic, in-bound, and out-bound tourism industry and contributes to building a behavioral theory of government-firm relationships.