Member Activities

Tom Baum

Tom has contributed a major input into the International Labor Organization's "New Developments and Challenges in the Hospitality and Tourism Sector – Impact on Employment, HRD and Industrial Relations" which is the background issue paper for discussion at the ILO's Global Dialogue Forum for the hotels, catering and tourism sector later this year.


Dimitrios Buhalis

Dimitrios was recently elected as the President of IFITT – The International Federation of Technology for Travel and Tourism (www.ifitt.org). IFITT aims to network eTourism stakeholders and empower eTourism innovation, exploration, and knowledge transfer. It is effectively creating the global eTourism knowledge network and community and encouraging excellence in research, development and implementation of tourism technologies. IFITT is organizing the annual ENTER conference and the 18th ENTER 2011 will take place in Innsbruck, January 26-28, 2011.


Richard Butler

Richard, along with Jafar Jafari, Eric Cohen and Egon Smeral, was a member of a plenary panel discussing “Interdisciplinary Nature of Tourism Research” at the 5th World Conference for Graduate Research in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure held in Cappadocia in Turkey, organized by Metin Kosak, May 25-30, 2010.

He was also an invited participant at a Workshop on “Climate Change and Tourism” held in Obergurgl, Austria, June 2-5, organized by researchers at the University of Innsbruck.


Geoffrey Crouch

Geoffrey has been invited to be Keynote Speaker at a couple of international conferences held over the past several months. In December 2009, the 2nd Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium was held in Bruneck/Brunico, South Tyrol, Italy, hosted by the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. His keynote presentation was “The Darwinian Origins of Tourism Consumer Behavior”. In May, Geoffrey was invited to attend the Asia Tourism Forum as a Keynote Speaker. This conference was held in Hualien, Taiwan and the organizing co-hosts were the Taiwan Hospitality and Tourism College, the De Lin Institute of Technology, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Geoffrey's presentation was titled “Tourism Consumer Choice Modelling: Theory, Design and a Space Tourism Illustration”.

From July until December this year, Geoffrey will be on sabbatical leave and will be based at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. During this period he will be focusing on research activity and will also be visiting a number of other universities in the area for the purpose of research and scholarly presentations to staff and students. These include the University of Sassari in Sardinia, Italy, the University of Lugano, the University of Applied Sciences in Chur, Switzerland, and the University of Salzburg.


Douglas Frechtling

Doug has been elected Chair of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management at The George Washington University. This is a three-year term commencing July 1, 2010.


Brian King

Brian has been appointed as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Industry & Community) at Victoria University. Working with colleagues at other Australian Universities, he has recently completed three projects funded by the Sustainable Tourism Co-operative Research Centre. The relevant reports are available in full text for download at http://www.crctourism.com.au/bookshop/.

The projects are “Migration-Related Determinants of Australian Inbound and Outbound Tourism Flows”. The study outlines trends in migrant and tourism numbers for Australia over the period 1980-2009. The relevant data inform statistical analyses and modeling of migration-induced economic impacts. The study team included IAST Fellow Larry Dwyer.

“International Education Visitation: Tourism Opportunities.” This comprehensive study of international student travel behaviours and their visiting friends and provides insights for Australia’s tourism sector about current and prospective linkages with the international education market.

“Engaging Tourism Enterprises: How Operators Source Information for Business Improvement.” This report investigates the information, communication and training needs of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises.


Patrick Lavery

Patrick is taking part in the 2010 National Geographic Sustainable Tourism/Stewardship Survey organized by the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington DC.


Philip Pearce

Philip has been involved in putting together two books Tourists, Tourism and the Good Life  with Seb Filep and Glenn Ross and Tourist Shopping Villages Forms and Functions with Pierre Benckendorff, Laurie Murphy and Gianna Moscardo. Additionally he has been working on a study of the perception of poverty and the application of positive psychology.

He also has had 4 PhD students finish and pass their examination work in the last 6 months. A further 6 students are under way with PhD work and a number of these students will be a part of a JCU group coming to APTA in July. He hopes to meet up with colleagues at APTA in Macau 2010. James Cook University Tourism has also been approved as a member of THE-ICE accreditation system in early 2010.


Chris Ryan

Chris is enjoying his annual visit to the Emirates Academy as Visiting Professor. As always, life is full, and three doctoral students have graduated from his Waikato programme in May 2010. Chris’s colleague Tej Singh published an article of Chris’s in “Tourism Recreation Research” in the 35th anniversary issue of his journal.  Recently Chris has been undertaking research  with colleagues from Guangzhou and Shanxi Provinces, and in recognition of that and past work he have been invited to join a newly formed New Zealand-China  Business Research Council.

What this entails is too early to say. In Dubai one piece of research in which Chris is engaged with Dr Ninov is looking at the relationship between sites based on Emarati culture and heritage and their relationship to the totality of the image of Dubai – which they suspect is dominated more by its skyscrapers and shopping malls. In October 2010 Chris will be in Hong Kong. Also last May he was in Taiwan as the keynote speaker at the Asia Tourism Forum, where he was also on a panel chaired by his colleague, Kaye Chon. As always Tourism Management keeps him busy - this year they may exceed 600 submissions!

Chris’s best wishes to all his colleagues in the International Academy.


Gareth Shaw and Allan Williams

Gareth and Allan have been undertaking a project on innovation and internationalization in the hotel sector, funded by the UK research council, the ESRC. The project has had two main parts focusing on large national/multinational hotels, and also on small and micro establishments. They have published two papers from the project so far in Tourism Management on knowledge transfer (2009, 30(3): 325–335) and the service dominant logic (in press) and are currently writing up their research findings on the co-production of innovation, the determinants of innovation in small hotels, and the role of international migrant workers in hotels in London.

On April 29th Gareth and Allan organized a colloquium on “Innovation processes and internationalization in the hotel industry” at the Royal Society in London. In addition to the other research team members (Adrian Bailey, Eugenia Markova and Anna Paraskevopolou), the speakers included Qu Xiao (HKPU, Hong Kong), Chris Roberts (De Paul University, Chicago) and Peter Bjork (Hanken Business School, Finland). On the previous day, they organized a complimentary capacity building workshop on tourism innovation, for early career researchers.


Stephen Smith

Stephen has recently had two new books published.  One is Practical Tourism Research of introductory level research methods and design text, published by CABI. It covers a wide range of empirical and subjective research approaches including questionnaire design and sample selection, case studies, personal interviewing, content analysis, the development of metrics and indicators of management and impact assessment, the presentation/publications of research, plus numerous other topics. He has also edited The Discovery of Tourism, published by Emerald Group, as part of the Tourism Social Science Series (edited by Jafar Jafari).  The Discovery of Tourism presents the personal stories, told in their own words, of fifteen pioneers of tourism geography, from ten nations. Many of these pioneers are Academy Fellows.


Norbert Vanhove

Norbert finished the manuscript of the second edition of his book The Economics of Tourism Destinations. The book in now in production with Elsevier Insights.

Norbert also prepared a paper “Tourism a Vehicle of Development? - A regional Approach” for the 60th AIEST Conference . The conference takes place in Potchefstroom, South Africa, September 12-16, 2010. The theme of the congress is “Tourism Development after the Crisis: Coping with Global Imbalances and contributing to the Millennium Goals”.


Boris Vukonić  

Boris and his private Business School Utilus for tourism and hotel management in Zagreb, Croatia, have just moved to the new premises. The new address is Zagreb, Ul. Grada Mainza 21. Web site and telephone numbers remained the same. The brand new premises, well equipped and centrally located in the city of Zagreb, mean the new and promising beginning for the school.

As one of the first private business schools in Croatia, the School is under the pressure of its Ministry to prove that it is accepted internationally. For this reason Utilus must sign certain agreements or contracts with international business schools on tourism (teaching, research, exchange of professors and/or students etc.), proving that it is internationally acknowledged. So, Boris is looking for such a cooperation with other schools and members of Academy who are ready and willing to sign such agreements with Utilus.

As well, Boris announced the new issue of ACTA Turistica Nova (No.1/2010). All articles are published in Croatian and English.


Arch Woodside

Arch is co-chairing the 2010 Global Marketing Conference Tokyo in September.  Hotel Okura is the conference headquarters (GMC 2010 details are available at http://www.kamsconference.org/main.htm).  A total of 750 delegates from 18 countries will be presenting 452 papers at the 2010 GMC.

Arch is also the Editor of a special issue of Psychology & Marketing on Special Issue “Brand -Consumer Storytelling Theory and Research”, Volume 27, Issue 6 (June 2010).

The publication release of “Case Study Research: Theory, Methods, and Practice” by Arch is August 15, 2010. This monograph provides in-depth coverage of 15 case research methods including ethnographic decision tree modeling; building-in degrees-of-freedom; laddering research; forced metaphor elicitation technique, system dynamics modeling; storytelling theory and research; property space analysis; qualitative comparative analysis; decision systems analysis; participant observation; conversation analysis; confirmatory subjective introspections; and additional methods.