Academy Sponsorship of Other Tourism Conference

Following the discussion in Turkey about increasing visibility of the Academy, the new Executive Committee would like to encourage fellows to consider which other conferences related to tourism could be sponsored by the Academy. The committee encourages Academy fellows to propose such conferences based on the Academy Sponsorship Policy stated below.

Academy Sponsorship Policy

The use of the Academy's official name, International Academy for the Study of Tourism (IAST), is authorized as sponsorship for other conferences provided:

  1. The conference is of scientific merit where tourism research is presented or discussed. The majority of the conference must be devoted to discussing tourism research and related issues.
  2. No monetary support is requested from the Academy. Sponsorship is by name only.
  3. At least three complimentary conference registrations must be provided to members of the Academy that intend to present at the conference.
  4. At least one Academy member must be a member of the scientific organizing committee or a keynote speaker.
  5. The Academy's name and logo is prominently displayed in all conference material.
  6. An official request for Academy sponsorship must be made to the President of the Academy by a member of the conference organizing committee. The request will be circulated to members of the Executive committee for review.
  7. A copy of proceedings or other conference output must be made available to the Academy at no cost.
  8. The Academy will not be liable for any expenses or commitments unfulfilled by members of the sponsored conference organizing committee