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Haemodynamic and Vascular Disorders

Subject Coordinators:

Dr Shara LEE

Prof. Michael YING


Sub-thematic areas:

Body Haemodynamic monitoring and blood flow assessment

Dr Shara LEE

Email: shara.lee@polyu.edu.hk         


Non-invasive haemodynamic monitoring in clinical settings; Haemodynamic effects during blood donation;   

Monitoring of cardiorespiratory responses during exercises.


Molecular mechanisms of vascular disorders for diagnosis and treatment

Dr Chien-ling HUANG

Email: cl.huang@polyu.edu.hk          


Functional Role of Long Non-coding RNAs in Vascular Smooth Muscle Reprogramming and Phenotypic Switching 

Dr Helen LAW

Email: helen.law@polyu.edu.hk    


Endothelial cell function especially in lupus nephritis

Prof. Michael YING

Email: michael.ying@polyu.edu.hk


Endothelial dysfunction in atherosclerosis


Development of imaging techniques for vascular disorders diagnosis

Dr Jung Sun YOO

Email: jungsun.yoo@polyu.edu.hk


Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of global deaths. Dr. Yoo's group focuses on developing novel molecular imaging techniques for multimodality imaging with optical and nuclear medicine imaging modalities. Current projects include atherosclerosis and myocardial infraction imaging techniques by targeting inflammation and angiogenesis for effective risk stratification of patients.                                                                 


Imaging diagnosis and monitoring of vascular disorders

Dr Fiona CHEN

Email: fiona.chen@polyu.edu.hk


Exploring the regression of cerebral autoregulation and its effects on blood pressure regulation and stroke occurrence in the aging population.

Prof. Michael YING

Email: michael.ying@polyu.edu.hk   


Ultrasound examination of carotid atherosclerosis for stroke risk assessment